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*USED* COUNTERMEASURE (#458066882571)

Game Title

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We ve just received word that terrorists have seized one of our missile silo complexes and are threatening to blow up Washington D C These lunatics aren t fooling They ve wired the missiles to a silo computer and started the launch sequence timer In just 10 minutes the missiles will lift off for Washington unless YOU stop them Destroy all the silos in the complex with your long range turret gun before the timer runs out If you complete this mission you ll win the Congressional Medal of Honor along with 10 000 bonus points and a bonus life If the timer runs out before you destroy all the silos you still have a chance to prevent disaster In the seconds before impact dock your supertank at a silo enter the War Room and guess the fail safe code that disarms the missiles The code is some combination of the letters L E and O for example ELL OOO or OLE Succeed and you win 10 000 bonus points and a bonus life Fail and well you ll find out

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