*USED* DECA SPORTS EXTREME [E] (#083717241850)

*USED* DECA SPORTS EXTREME [E] (#083717241850)

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Game Title
Deca Sports Extreme

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ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

DECA SPORTS the hit sports compilation series that has over 4 million units sold through worldwide is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with 10 complete 3D sporting events in DECA SPORTS EXTREME Kick shoot and bounce your way to the top across all of the included events Soccer Tennis Basketball Ice Hockey Bowling Snowball Fight Sumo Wrestling Snowmobile Racing Blowguns and Trampoline This all new handheld version includes several features never seen before in a DECA SPORTS game like power ups un lockable equipment Of course as always it still features multiplayer and customizable teams With 10 sports entirely in 3D DECA SPORTS EXTREME will take sports to a whole new dimension

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