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*USED* DUNE 2000 [T] (#014633140484)

*USED* DUNE 2000 [T] (#014633140484)


Game Title
Dune 2000

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

From the developers at Westwood Studios comes Dune 2000 a real time strategy game Throughout the planet of Arrakis a desert like planet riddled with dunes and sand three military powers have engaged in a fierce war to control a most prized resource known as the Spice Melange The mysterious spice can only be found on the planet of Arrakis every race in the known universe lusts for its power With all the bickering and fighting over Spice Melange the Emperor has issued a challenge that basically states whoever controls the substance will control Arrakis The three aforementioned forces include the noble House Atreides the wicked House Harkonnen and the enigmatic House Ordos Not only does each house desire control they also have different reasons for entering the war The House Atreides loathes and fears the evil forces of the Harkonnen and wishes to form an alliance with the Fremen strange sand dwelling warriors that inhabit the bowels of the planet The nobles function much like a normal army giving commands for the side of good On the other hand House Harkonnen is run by a tyrannical baron that demands victory These blood drinking savages enjoy battles and chaos more than the actual victory they reign with widespread fear House Ordos is a bit more unorthodox than their warring brethren Led by cyborg like officers they go into battle with a strategic mentality and play for the odds Gut feelings aren t acceptable in their society Having arrived with Lady Alara on the desertous Arrakis she has enlisted you as a commander of one of the three military powers Her sisterhood is hoping that you will be victorious with that house above all others as to create a clear faction in control of the Spice Melange in which her Order could form an alliance After selecting the house of your liking a commander will give you a military briefing and objective As a 3D real time strategy game you ll begin by constructing a series of battle units important housing structures walls construction yards barracks outposts and vehicles this is vital in order to meet the mission objective You ll start the scenario with a power supply for building a Spice Melange refinery to generate money Afterwards it s up to you to build a fully operational base Upon completion of the necessary structures it s time to attack your opposition You ll command and control a wide variety of light infantry soldiers troopers saboteurs and the aforementioned Fremen Dune 2000 also supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller for analog movements and the vibration function It also comes with mouse support You can utilize any PlayStation memory card for saving game data and options

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