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*USED* ETERNAL CHAMPIONS (#010086011456)

*USED* ETERNAL CHAMPIONS (#010086011456)

Game Title
Eternal Champions

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

From various time periods of past present and future nine fighters killed in an unjust manner find themselves given a second chance for life An alien being known only as the Eternal Champion brings back the fighters into a competition for one reason to find one among them worthy of being resurrected giving them a chance to avert their death and tip the balance between good and evil The fighters range from different eras of Earth s History Larcen the cat burglar Jetta the circus acrobat Blade the futuristic bounty hunter Midknight the vampiric bio chemist Rax the cyborg Shadow the corporate assassin Slash the neanderthal Trident a Atlantean warrior And Xavier a warlock and alchemist

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