*USED* FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 [T] (#014633151701)

*USED* FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 [T] (#014633151701)

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Game Title
Fight Night Round 3

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 from EA Chicago lets you make your own fighter train them up and literally take on the world Start by creating your own champ and customizing how they look what equipment they have their fighting style their weight class their signature move and even their own illegal hit Get equipment and trainers for your fighter to enhance his look and performance Then take your fighter to career mode where you ll play fight your way up from the local gym all the way up to five star venues Get trainers to enhance your training and boost your speed and power Play against randomly generated fighters all the way up through the ranks till you beat them in points or to a pulp Certain fights may get you a bit of extra money as an incentive or give you a promotional deal but pick your fights carefully because strategy inside the ring won t matter if you mismanage your fisher outside Fight smart during the fight by using the total punch control system to throw the punches you want to by using the analog stick The total punch control system maps your fists to the analog stick getting rid of the need for senseless button mashing You can also play in historical fights like Taylor vs Hopkins Gatti vs Ward or Robinson vs Lamotta in the ESPN Classic mode to play in the fights that made boxing history Once you ve got the computer down for the count you can play with any fighter or user created fighters or any of the ESPN Classic fights in local multiplayer with a friend You can also take the fight online and prove your the real champion of the world against any opponent anytime anywhere

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