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Full Spectrum Warrior

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M - Mature

In Full Spectrum Warrior you take on the role of commander of two squads of the United States military Alpha and Bravo as you guide them in the fictional country of Zekistan on a mission to capture or kill the terrorist Al Afad In the game you don t directly control your troops You don t take aim at a target and shoot and you don t circle strafe around enemies Instead you tell your squad what to do and they ll do it It s like a real time strategy game You can tell your two squads to do numerous things such as hide behind a wall take cover behind a car lob a grenade fire off a rocket or attack a target You will need to utilize both squads to be successful For example you can have Alpha squad hide behind a car and lay down covering fire at a target that you can t directly kill giving Bravo squad cover so they may cross open terrain and get into a position where they will be able to kill the enemy The game takes place in one locations a Middle Eastern country that s split up into several areas You ll have to make your way through parks an airport city streets and even some buildings Throughout the country are many terrorists all of whom are trying to kill you You have four members on each squad the Team Leader Automatic Rifleman Grenadier and Rifleman Each plays a unique role Full Spectrum Warrior supports Xbox Live where two players can play through the single player campaign Instead of controlling both squads one player controls Alpha while the other controls Bravo

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