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Journey Escape

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You re on the road with the rock band Journey After each concert your goal is to guide the five band members to the escape vehicle so they can get to the next concert on time You start with 50 000 from the concert and need to guide one band member at a time the screen scrolls vertically and you need to get past the crowds and various obstacles before time runs out Trying to slow you down are numerous fans reporters promoters and photographers Running into each of these will cause you to lose some of the money you start with and also precious time Stage barriers and fences will also cause you to lose time but you won t lose any money if you hit one of these To help you out roadies and your manager are also in the crowds They will give you temporary invulnerability allowing you to run straight through any obstacles The game ends when a band member doesn t make it to the escape vehicle before the timer runs out As the game advances there will be bigger and bigger crowds to avoid and they will be more aggressive about getting in your way

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