*USED* L.A. RUSH (#031719300709)

*USED* L.A. RUSH (#031719300709)

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L.A. Rush

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L A Rush is the 4th installment in the Rush series of video games It was released in North America for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles on October 10 2005 and on October 21 in Europe The PC version was released on November 4 in Europe PlayStation Portable version was released on October 30 2006 named Rush Many details were revealed at E3 in May 2005 The game is free roaming with races similar to those in Need for Speed Underground 2 The GPS map can have a point assigned to a certain location and then the point shows up on the radar during gameplay The game features voice talent from Orlando Jones Bill Bellamy and Twista In addition to the console versions and PC version it was to be available on Gizmondo

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