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*USED* PEBBLE BEACH GOLF (#734979921010)

*USED* PEBBLE BEACH GOLF (#734979921010)

Game Title
True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links

Release Date

Players take on the challenge of one of the most beautiful and notorious golf courses in the world Pebble Beach These eighteen holes demand accuracy finesse and even at times brute strength The famous beach side course is littered with sand bunkers as well as sweeping fairways and cliff side greens Game play takes a classic approach players control a selected golfer from a third person perspective Swing control is displayed as a power and accuracy meter with which players must start and stop accordingly Again the classic style putting system complete with a topographic grid lets the player know of the slope and elevation of the three dimensional putting surface As there are no other courses to play this game is a tribute and testament to the challenging course design of Pebble Beach Golf Links

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