*USED* PLAN [T] (#650008399561)

*USED* PLAN [T] (#650008399561)

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Game Title
Th3 Plan

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Th3 Plan sees sly mastermind Robert Taylor surround himself with some of most devious and highly skills professionals with one objective in mind steal two famous Rembrandt paintings and sell them on for a nice profit The fact that one of the paintings is held by Taylor s old partner who sold him down the river on a previous job adds extra spice and incentive to the task To succeed you will need to undertake meticulous planning at the crime scene What s the best route Where are the guards Can we get someone in undercover But planning is only half the job Fortunately Taylor is the best in the business and he s got access to all sorts of gadgets from night vision goggles radio controlled probes through to all the weapons necessary to take out an army before they know you are there

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