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Game Title
Predator: Concrete Jungle

Release Date

ESRB Rating
M - Mature

The game begins in large urban area The night is young and a heat wave has spread across the city A light rain sprinkles the ground as a large figure jumps across the roof tops landing with the massive thumps of a large inhuman creature The Predator has been wounded and now seeks to return to his ship before the humans find him and kill him Thus is the opening for Predator Concrete Jungle The game begins in 1930 and moves on to the year 2030 as the player controls a Predator from a third person view in expansive levels The Predator s arsenal includes a staff maul glaive explosive mines spear gun and a set of claws that appear from the forearm With those weapons the player is able to skin slice stab crush and mangle the many enemies in the game ultimately hunting the alpha male whose skull would make a worthy prize

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