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*USED* REEL FISHING 2 [E] (#719593050049)

*USED* REEL FISHING 2 [E] (#719593050049)

Game Title
Reel Fishing II

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Players can start the game in Free mode and choose from three different fishing spots The majority of the action is experienced in the Season mode however where you are challenged to maintain a fishing career From the Aqua Lodge menu screen you will be able to travel between three different rooms your work desk the fish tank room and the stock corner At your desk you can read Fish Find magazine for more information on how to catch fish or you can search through your lure and fly organizer empty at the beginning of the game If you catch some fish and decide to keep them you have the option of placing them in one of the appropriate fish tanks One is for salt water one for fresh water and one for running water Once you start fishing in the Season mode you re able to choose between two fishing spots When you catch a certain number of fish you re allowed to go to more areas and gain levels

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