*USED* THUNDERFORCE 2 (#010086010008)

*USED* THUNDERFORCE 2 (#010086010008)

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Game Title
Thunder Force II

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Taking place soon after Thunder Force the ORN Empire creates a powerful new battleship the Plealos a k a Preareos Using this battleship ORN once again attacks the Galaxy Federation The outcome of the attacks result in the destruction of the Galaxy Federation affiliated planet of Reda and heavy destruction on the planet Nepura a k a Nebula which ORN eventually captures from the Galaxy Federation Eventually the Galaxy Federation learns that ORN houses Plealos deep below Nebula s surface when not in use and takes the opportunity to plan an operation to take it down They send the next iteration of their Fire Leo series of fighter craft the FIRE LEO 02 Exceliza to destroy ORN bases on Nepura and eventually find and destroy Plealos The player controls the Exceliza and travels through a variety of stages to accomplish this goal

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