*USED* TOMCAT ALLEY (#010086044294)

*USED* TOMCAT ALLEY (#010086044294)

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Game Title
Tomcat Alley

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ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Tomcat Alley is one of the last of Sega s TruVideo games for the SegaCD featuring you and your F 14 Tomcat doing what you do best dogfighting Russian Migs This time a renegade Soviet commander is threatening the United States with chemical weapons from his base in the Mexican desert and its up to you and your wingmen to fine tune your air to air combat strategies to make the entire western hemisphere safe again Tomcat Alley was one of Sega s last TruVideo games featuring what is called Active Matrix software which allows for many different outcomes to any given situation This means only one thing much more interaction and variation than previous FMV Full Motion Video games

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