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*USED* X MEN MUTANT ACADEMY 2 [T] (#047875801776)

*USED* X MEN MUTANT ACADEMY 2 [T] (#047875801776)

Game Title
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

Release Date

ESRB Rating
T - Teen

Slip on the spandex and get ready to slug it out with a host of other mutants for the right to be one of the X Men There are ten of the original game arenas to battle through plus six stunning new environments and this latest episode allows players to fight from an extended list of X Men including the classic line ups and newer faces to the Academy like Nightcrawler and Forge There are four modes of play to enjoy from Academy Training and Arcade to Versus and Survival and you can play alone or against a friend as you slug it out Stan Lee style to be the best mutie on the block With signature moves high flying combat and a Jackie Chan like get up quick feature you ll soon be showing Wolverine where to put those claws

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