Gravity Rush 2 At TGS'16

Gravity Rush 2 At TGS'16

Posted by Aaron on 20th Sep 2016


While it may have been conspicuously absent from E3, Gravity Rush 2 is prominently featured at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

If you've played the original on either Vita or PS4 you know what you are in store for, but for those of you haven't, the simplest run-down I can give is this. You play as a girl named Kat with the power to control gravity, giving her the ability to fly and levitate things in any direction you choose. Trust me, it's awesome.

In Gravity Rush 2, not much has changed but plenty has been improved. First up, the game's graphics now fully utilize what the PS4 can do. The Moebius-inspired anime art design of the original looks draw-droppingly beautiful on the PS4. Secondly, the somewhat "touchy" controls of the original have been refined and from what I saw appear to be working great (thanks in no small part to the PS4 remaster of the Vita original). Next on the list of improvements, Kat now has different types of "Gravity" that can be used to change your fighting and movement abilities. Last, but certainly not least, you can also now fully decorate and customize Kat's sewer-pipe bedroom as well as her in game outfits as well.

Gravity Rush 2 feels like a refined version of the original; taking what worked and enhancing it, while at the same time fixing the more frustrating bits. I myself can't wait to play the game when it releases this December.