Level Up's 2016 Games of the Year

Level Up's 2016 Games of the Year

Posted by Aaron on 28th Dec 2016


Well folks, it's that time of year when everyone is talking about what they thought were the best games of last year. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are our choices for the best games of 2016.

Doom (Multiplatform):Rip & Tear! Everyone was skeptical what 2016's Doom was going to be like. Well, it turned out that it was freaking awesome; a return to form for the grandaddy of the FPS genre. Doom showed us all that despite some mis-steps in the past few years, id Software is still the undisputed king when it comes to what makes a great FPS…killing demons and metal music.

Overwatch (Multiplatform): Overwatch burst onto the scene this past year and took the world by storm. With a cast of engaging, unique and memorable characters, it is no wonder why there is a vast sea of fan generated content for this game online. Overwatch is going to be the king of the online competitive team shooters for the foreseeable future…and there is nothing wrong with that.

Uncharted 4 (PS4):Time and time again Naughty Dog manages to deliver superb gaming experiences, and Uncharted 4 is no exception. In a wonderful end to the story of Nathan Drake, the game had everything we've come to know and love about the series, while still managing to bring a few new elements to the table. It's also worth mentioning that Uncharted 4 has finally managed to deliver on the PS4's promise of high-end PC graphics on the home consoles.

Pokemon Go (iOS/Android):In what can only be describe as an international phenomenon, Pokemon Go was released on mobile devices this year and caused global hysteria. News stories appeared in countries around the world talking about the overwhelming response to the game. While the game certainly had it's fair share of problems the shear popularity of the franchise was able to overcome it and will likely continue to remain popular well into 2017.