Level Up’s Most Anticipated Games Of 2018

Level Up’s Most Anticipated Games Of 2018

Posted by Aaron on 27th Dec 2017

With 2017 almost behind us, it’s time to look ahead to some of the great games that are currently scheduled to be released in 2018 that we are excited for! What are you looking forward to?

Monster Hunter World (PS4/XB1):What is better than running around with a group of your friends fighting ridiculous monsters in order to turn their corpses into weapons and armor? Nothing.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4):While we may have gotten an HD port of this absolutely phenomenal game back on the PS3, this is not that. This is a 'from the ground-up' remake made specially for the PS4, and it is so gorgeous I am willing to give them my money again.

Secret of Mana (PS4):The beloved SNES game is getting remade in a 3D/2D style that looks to capture all the wonders of the original.

Bayonetta 1&2 (Switch):One of the best hack-n-slash games of the PS3/360 era, playable whenever and wherever I want, thanks to the Switch...take my money now!

Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4/XB1):I may have already bought these games individually on the PS2, then again on the PS3, but DMC is always awesome and I have no problem buying them yet again for PS4.

Far Cry 5 (PS4/XB1):This game is on the list with some serious trepidation. Ubisoft seems intent on driving every franchise they own into the ground with yearly sequels. Hopefully Far Cry 5’s premise of American cults/militias will be enough to save it...hopefully.

Crackdown 3 (XB1):The first two Crackdown games were one of the stand-out original IPs on the 360, and their presence on the Xbox One has been sorely missed. Also now featuring 100% MORE Terry Crews!

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary (PS4/XB1/Switch):Every single Street Fighter game ever made (except those EX games...we will ignore those) in one complete package that will include online play. About time Capcom...about time.

Spider-Man (PS4):An open-world Spider-Man game from the same studio that made the Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance series.

Detroit - Become Human (PS4):While David Cage games (Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls) are usually more of an interactive movie experience than a “game”, they are always a benchmark of what the PlayStation technology is capable of.

God of War (PS4):It’s Kratos, he is fighting Norse gods...’nuff said. Buy It!

Days Gone (PS4):Whoever came up with the idea of combining “The Walking Dead” with “Sons of Anarchy” looks to have hit upon an award winning combination. Color me intrigued.

Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unknown (PS4/PSVR):An Ace Combat in VR...hohoho the only thing this game needs is the “Nyko Vomit Catcher” attachment for the PSVR. Seriously, make it Nyko, because I'll be damned if I let a little motion sickness stop me from playing this game in glorious, glorious virtual reality.

Project Octopath Traveller (Switch):If you haven’t already played the demo available right now on the Switch e-shop, what are you waiting for?!? Go download it now and see for yourself why this game is going to be old-school awesome!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/XB1):One of the best selling games of the PS3/360 era is finally getting its HIGHLY anticipated sequel. Giddy-up!

Vampyr (PS4/XB1):From the creators of “Remember Me” & “Life Is Strange” (one of our games of the year for 2015) comes an interactive vampire experience that looks like it will be excellent.