Resident Evil 7 At TGS'16

Resident Evil 7 At TGS'16

Posted by Aaron on 20th Sep 2016


The Tokyo Game Show demo of Resident Evil 7 is an expanded and updated version of the E3 demo. And just like the E3 one, you can download the demo from the PlayStation store and experience it for yourself.

Because of this, I don't want to go into too much detail about the demo itself; I'd rather your experience with it be a fresh one. What I will say is that the game looks gorgeous and its first person perspective is tailor-made for VR. RE7 is quickly becoming THE reason to buy a PSVR! So, now that that's out of the way...let's talk about the TGS audience's response to the demo.

In my opinion, RE7 was probably "the game" of this year's TGS. The lines were constantly and obscenely long. In fact, for the majority of the show, on both press and public days, the line was shut down due to being at maximum waiting time/no more reservation tickets available. People were clearly enjoying what they were playing too. Audible screams could be heard fairly regularly from the game's demo area, which is quite a feat given the sheer noise level of TGS. Not only that, but the female Japanese talent that was demoing the game at Sony's stage pretty much nope'd the f out while playing the game.

I highly encourage you to download the demo, or update your existing E3 demo, and experience Resident Evil 7 for yourself. Capcom has clearly learned their lesson from the debacle that was RE6...RE7 is bringing the scares, especially in VR.