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*USED* BLACK BASS LURE FISHING [E] (#096427011767)

*USED* BLACK BASS LURE FISHING [E] (#096427011767)

Game Title
Black Bass: Lure Fishing

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Now you can enter a summer long fishing tournament in BLACK BASS LURE FISHING At the beginning of the tournament you have the lowest ranking and can only fish on one lake But if you perform well enough and move up the ranks your class will change and you will be able to choose which of the two lakes you want to fish on Should you do really well and move into the top two classes you will be given access to special techniques like Let Fish Go 8 Magic Power Lift Dancing Worm Dancing Frog and Last Strike Along the way you will be able to use eight different lures to attract the big fish and your progress will be recorded using a password system So hop in your boat and try to win the tournament in BLACK BASS LURE FISHING

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