*USED* RAPALA PRO BASS FISHING 2010 [E] (#047875764255)

*USED* RAPALA PRO BASS FISHING 2010 [E] (#047875764255)

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Game Title
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

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ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing has you testing your fishing skills in a tournament setting against real life professionals Structured similarly to a televised event the presentation includes professional announcing from In Fisherman TV s Barry Brueland live updates leaderboards analysis and weigh ins There are over 20 tournament events in each season as you attempt to win the championship trophy To ensure your success on some of the leading freshwater lakes in North America you ll choose from an assortment of licensed boats lures rods and apparel In addition to the single player season a friend can participate in over 50 events geared specifically for multiplayer competition You ll battle head to head in various timed accuracy weight and location based challenges

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